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Barracuda Sushi
Barracuda Sushi
2251 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114
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Barracuda Sushi

2251 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Like the mighty namesake fish that adorns our signs and patrols the seas, we the superior sushi restaurant in San Francisco with a mission to service outstandingly fresh, delicious delicacies that have become a venerable talk of the town.

Barracuda Sushi serves not only sushi and authentic Japanese cuisine to our San Francisco community – but fun and good times, as well. Born as a small yet bustling eatery in the Castro district called Osaka Sushi, our operations grew as our experience fusing fresh fruit and fish simultaneously paralleled this growth – culminating in the now sought-after dishes served at Barracuda. What else do we guarantee when you eat our establishment? Fresh food caught by sustainable fisheries.

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Some of the words you will hear when fans of our restaurant speak of their experiences here are “hands-on service”…”clean and friendly environment”…”an approach that appears to be genuinely geared towards pleasing the local clientele” and even “a restaurant that remains so dedicated to its local community and return customers, its product mix matches local requirements.” If these casual accolades aren’t evidence of promising a unique and creative dining experience in the Bay Area…what is?

Barracuda Sushi of 2251 Market Street has become popular of late with our all-you-can-eat lunches starting at just $13.95. With items changing on a daily basis, you can choose from a myriad of not only fresh sushi but hot menu items, like the ever-popular Blue Fin Tuna. Barracuda’s “Famous Brunch” allows you to select from an entire menu of specialties such as the Japanese Fried Chicken & Waffle, Pancakes on a Stick, Pulled Pork Hash, Green Tea Crepes, Shrimp and Grits and more.

Of course, for the seminal sushi enthusiast, it’s all about the rolls – at Barracuda, there is absolutely no shortage of choices in this regard, with everything from Spicy Rolls like The Flamer, Inferno Scallop, Superstar, Volcano and Red Dragon to Signature Rolls such as the Japanese Cowboy, Gangsta, Ultimate Spider and Mango Paradise…just to name a select few. Come by today and discover for yourself how Barracuda is the big fish in the pond of lesser sushi establishments.

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